WhatsApp Black – How to Use WhatsApp Dark Mode the Latest Version For Android

Hello Everybody. Today we will talk about How to Download WhatsApp dark mode. Or How to get WhatsApp Black on your phone. WhatsApp must be one of the most frequent words in our day. Given that approximately 2 billion people around the world use WhatsApp. Also, the App is compatible with all different operating systems. Where you can use WhatsApp on the iOS and iPhone, as well as on Android. Also, you can use WhatsApp on your PC with ease.

By downloading an Android emulator like “BlueStacks”. This allows you to run Android games and apps on your PC easily. Also, one of the reasons why WhatsApp is one of the most-used apps among people. The application is free and easy to use. In addition to the ease of downloading and ease of installation. Along with many, many amazing features. Also, there are many modified WhatsApp applications such as “WhatsApp Plus” and “GB WhatsApp“.

Besides “FM WhatsApp“, “YoWhatsApp” and many more. These Apps are similar to the official WhatsApp, with different features, add-ons, and sometimes different designs. But today we will talk about Whatsapp Black Apk. It is available in the official WhatsApp App. Where you can get Whatsapp Black on iOS. Also, you can have WhatsApp dark mode Android. Besides other operating systems. Follow us to find out more.

What Is WhatsApp Black / Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS is a special mode in WhatsApp. Also, the use of WhatsApp Black APK changes the colors of messaging. Where the colors are changed to black and gray with more subtle shades. Instead of white and green. This results in improved WhatsApp usage in low-light conditions. In addition, WhatsApp Black App makes WhatsApp more user-friendly. Also, this is a new change in the application. Besides, if your device works with the AMOLED screen. This will help you conserve energy. Where Whatsapp black uses less energy. In addition to a complete change of white facades. Which gives you the feeling that you are using a new App with the same capabilities as WhatsApp. Also, to improve contrast, developers will soon adjust bubble colors for text. In addition to the black background and many other changes. Follow us below to learn more about Download WhatsApp dark mode’s unique features.

Features Of WhatsApp Black App

  • New design. It will perform the use of WhatsApp dark mode. Whether it is WhatsApp dark mode iPhone, on Android, or even on the PC. This will make you feel that you have a new application on your phone. But with the same capabilities and features of the official WhatsApp.
  • Free App. Download WhatsApp dark mode this is free. As you will not have to pay any money to use WhatsApp Black.
  • Safety. As WhatsApp APK dark mode is completely safe on your phone data. It also does not carry any malware or viruses. And it does not upload any damaged files.
  • Ease of use. You will not be forced to go through complicated installation steps or accounts. It’s easier and simpler than you can imagine, with just one click.
  • The possibility of changing the chat colors in WhatsApp from white and green. To black and gray with more subtle shades.
  • WhatsApp Black Mode makes WhatsApp more comfortable to use in low-light conditions.
  • Also, use WhatsApp Dark Mode is saves energy. Where if you use dark screens. Or a device equipped with an AMOLED screen, this will help you save energy.
  • Fresh, a big change in all-white facades. Plus more options.
  • Also soon the developers will make some adjustments on WhatsApp Dark Mode. Where the colors of the text bubbles will be adjusted. This is to improve the clarity of the text as well as the black background of the App.
  • You will not have to download any file from any third party to use Black WhatsApp App.
  • In addition, you will not have to jailbreak your phone if you use WhatsApp dark mode iPhone. or WhatsApp dark mode iOS.
  • Also, you will not need to root your phone if you are using WhatsApp dark mode Android.

How To Use WhatsApp Black Dark Mode On Android

  1. In the first step, you will “Open” the WhatsApp APK.
  2. After that, you will choose “Settings“.
  3. Then choose “Chats” from the list of settings.
  4. And now you will click on “Theme“.
  5. Then you will choose one of both options. “Dark” to mode “On”. Or “Light” to mode “Off“.
  6. Now you will enable WhatsApp dark mode to match your phone’s settings.
  7. Go to “Settings“. Then choose “Display“. After that choose to turn the “Dark Theme” on or off.
  8. Congratulations you get WhatsApp Black Apk successfully.

How To Use WhatsApp Black Dark Mode On iOS

  1. The first step will be to open the “Control Center” of your device.
  2. Then you pull the screen from top to bottom if you are using iPhone X or above.
  3. Or pull from bottom to top if you are using iPhone 8 or below.
  4. Now click on “Screen Brightness Slider“.
  5. After that tap on “Dark Mode“.
  6. Once you press the dark mode. Then you will have successfully got WhatsApp dark mode iOS.


Now you can Download WhatsApp dark mode easily. Also, you can take advantage of the changing colors and the shape of the official WhatsApp App. Where the application will be switched from green and white to black and gray. With an amazing and attractive shape and design. Once you enable Dark Mode. Then you will feel as if you have got a new App, but similar to the official WhatsApp. In addition, the contrast of text bubbles will be improved. That is the next update to WhatsApp Black App. Also, here is an effective method on how to get WhatsApp dark mode Android. Besides how to get to WhatsApp dark mode iPhone. You can tell us your opinion on today’s topic in the comments.

Whatsapp Apple Watch – How To Get Whatsapp on Your Apple Watch

Welcome, everybody. You must be one of the 1.5 billion people who use WhatsApp around the world. Also, you may be one of the people who use the Apple Watch. Or may you are looking to use Whatsapp Apple Watch. If you are looking for the answer to this question, today’s topic is for you. WhatsApp is one of the most-used apps on smartphones. Whether it is an iPhone system, an Android system, or even a PC. Based on the frequent use of the application and its development and update regularly. Several third-party WhatsApp developers have emerged.

Such as “WhatsApp Plus“, “GB WhatsApp“, and others. Also the emergence of smart devices such as the Apple Watch. Which you can use Whatsapp Apple Watch easily. This is what we will present to you today. As we will present to you an effective method on how to get Whatsapp on Apple Watch. Also, we will explain some of the features of the Apple Watch. Besides the advantages of using Whatsapp Apple Watch. In addition to many other details. Follow us below to find out more.

About WhatsApp Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a wristwatch manufactured by Apple. Also, Apple Watch has many advantages and uses. It is considered one of Apple’s most efficient inventions. Where you can use Whatsapp Apple Watch and receive message notifications easily. Also, you can respond by choosing from a list of quick and simple responses. In addition to the possibility of monitoring the heart rate. Besides the detection of falls. And the warning of a fast heartbeat. Also, through Whatsapp Apple Watch, you can get WhatsApp notifications.

And cases and messages read-only on your wrist. In addition to making calls and tracking GPS for training and other tasks. Therefore, Apple Watch is considered one of the best inventions of Apple. That is why we are here now to provide you with the steps to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch easily. Without any complicated steps or accounts. Also, the method that we will present to you today is 100% free. You will not need to pay a cent. Follow us on some of the Apple Watch features below.


  • Lightweight and very practical, you can use it for a variety of purposes.
  • Apple Watch doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy. As the wristwatch price is very appropriate.
  • The ability to know the time, date, temperature, humidity, and others.
  • Also, the ability to display tickets and boarding passes through Apple Watch.
  • Another unique feature. It is the ability to receive notifications and read messages from your wrist.
  • Apple Watch includes another amazing feature. These are Siri commands, reminders, timers, alarms, and others.
  • The possibility of tracking physical fitness. Such as standing, exercise minutes, and calories.
  • Also the ability to receive messages and make calls from Apps such as WhatsApp. Besides, LTE versions allow data plans without an iPhone.
  • Another feature of Whatsapp on Watch App is exercise tracking. In addition to monitoring the heart rate. In addition to warning about abnormal heart rates and falls.
  • On Series 4, 5, and 6 you can easily read the ECG. Also in Series 6, you can track the oxygen in the blood.
  • The possibility of GPS tracking of the exercises.
  • Despite all this, using Whatsapp Apple Watch is free. It does not cost you any money.
  • There are no negative symptoms of wearing Apple Watch for a long time.
  • Also, Apple Watch does not pose any damages to your iPhone. It does not carry any viruses or malware.
  • Ease of purchase. Where you can buy the product from any website to buy online, such as “Amazon” or others.
  • You can operate your phone on Apple Watch easily with many applications.
  • Energy. One of the most important features is its long battery life. Besides the amazing and unique design.

How To Get Whatsapp On Your Apple Watch

  1. Through the iPhone device, you are using. Click on the “Settings” menu.
  2. Then you will move to the “Notifications” option.
  3. Now you will scroll down a little. Then select “WhatsApp“.
  4. When you select WhatsApp. Then you’ll turn on the toggle for “Allow Notifications“.
  5. After that, you will choose to “Show in Notifications Center“. Then “Show On Lock Screen“.
  6. Also in case you want to it. Then you will enable “Banners“, “Badges” and “Sounds“.
  7. Once you have completed these settings. Then you will open the “Watch App” to reflect notification alerts from WhatsApp.
  8. After completing the previous step. Then you will open the “Watch” app on your iPhone.
  9. And now we will move to “Notifications“. Then you scroll down to “WhatsApp“.
  10. Activate the “Notifications”.
  11. Congratulations, you can now easily receive notifications from WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

Why My WhatsApp Not Showing On My Apple Watch?

  1. Go to “Settings“.
  2. Then choose “Notifications“.
  3. And enable “Notifications“.
  4. Now go to the “Watch” application.
  5. After that, go to “Notifications“. Then you will find WhatsApp on the list.
  6. Enable “WhatsApp” and your problem will now be over.


If you want to have Whatsapp Apple Watch. In addition to receiving all notifications from WhatsApp. In addition to reading messages and making calls. Then today’s topic at the top is for you. As we have shown some amazing Watch App features. As you can use it for many tasks. Like measuring heart rate during exercise. In addition to reading messages and receiving notifications. Also, alerts, GPS, training, Siri commands, and more. In addition, we have detailed steps to obtain WhatsApp on Watch Apple. Also, we solved an issue where notifications were not appearing on the Watch App. You can now tell us your opinion in the comments.

How to Use Dual Whatsapp Account in One Android Phone

How to Use Dual Whatsapp Account?. Have you ever thought of using a dual WhatsApp account on your phone?. Do you want to browse and use more than one WhatsApp account on your phone?. Whether you use a Samsung phone, Huawei, iPhone, Vivo, or other brands. Would you like WhatsApp on Android without root 2?. Then follow the topic today and you will get everything you want.

As we will offer you an effective way to get WhatsApp on your phone with more than one account. Also, we will provide you with Dual WhatsApp iPhone. Besides Dual WhatsApp Samsung. Plus how to get to WhatsApp sign in With phone number. Despite many other chatting apps. But more than 1.5 billion people around the world prefer to use WhatsApp.

In addition to the modified WhatsApp Apps. Such as “YoWhatsApp“, “GBWhatsApp“, WhatsApp Plus“, “WhatsApp Business” and others. So if you want to get Dual WhatsApp APK in a few simple steps. Besides knowing some of the advantages of using a Dual Whatsapp account. In addition to more other details, follow us below.

What Is MOD WhatsApp Apps

Modified WhatsApp applications. They are Apps that have the same user interface and almost the same design official WhatsApp. But these apps differ in terms of features and additions. Besides updates and modifications. Where you can send the video in large size. In addition to sending a large number of images and documents in one click. Also, you can download video status up to 7 minutes, not just 30 seconds, like the official WhatsApp. In addition to many other features that overtake the official WhatsApp. And there are many modified WhatsApp Applications such as “WhatsApp Web“, “WhatsApp Plus”, “FmWhatsApp“, “Golden WhatsApp” and others.

Features Of Using Two Whatsapp Account In One Phone

  • You will be able to get WhatsApp with more than one function on your phone.
  • The possibility of using more than one modified WhatsApp App.
  • Also, take advantage of all the features of the modified WhatsApp apps.
  • The possibility of use dual Whatsapp iPhone. In addition to the possibility of using a dual WhatsApp Samsung.
  • Also, you can have Dual WhatsApp APK easily.
  • If you have installed more than one modified WhatsApp App. Then you will be able to get more additions and updates.
  • Also, you will be able to send more than 100 images with one click.
  • In addition to more than 100 documents with one click.
  • In addition to downloading the video in size up to 700 MB.
  • Send audio files of large sizes.
  • Control the colors, the background, the screen, and the WhatsApp icon.
  • Also, control groups, chat, and calls.
  • The possibility of banning intruders. With the possibility of enabling the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • You will not need to buy or use another phone for a dual Whatsapp account.
  • The ability to control sent messages and read messages. In addition to many other unique features.

How To Use Dual Whatsapp Account In One Phone

The steps to use Dual WhatsApp are not complicated at all. All you have to do is connect your phone to the Internet. After that, you will download the WhatsApp application from the link below if you do not have it already. Now, follow the steps below for different brands.

Download WhatsApp Apk 2.20

Dual WhatsApp On Samsung

  1. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp.
  2. Go to “Settings“. Then choose “Advanced Features”.
  3. After that, chose “Dual Messenger“.
  4. You will see a list of apps that you can clone.
  5. Select WhatsApp, then tap “Install“.
  6. And now, open a secondary WhatsApp account. Then press “Agree And Continue“.
  7. Allow the cloned WhatsApp to access your files and contacts.
  8. You will be asked to enter your secondary phone number. Then verify your phone number.
  9. And finally, adjust the settings and choose the picture and name.
  10. And now you can use dual Whatsapp on your phone easily.

Dual WhatsApp Apk On Oppo

  1. Open the “Settings” on your phone.
  2. After that choose “Clone Apps“.
  3. You will be presented with a list of apps that you can clone.
  4. Select “WhatsApp“, then tap the “Install” button.
  5. After the installation is completed, open secondary WhatsApp.
  6. Adjust the settings and “Allow” WhatsApp to access your contacts and data.
  7. Enter your “Secondary Phone Number“, then verify your phone number.
  8. And now you have successfully cloned WhatsApp on your phone.

On Huawei And Honor

  1. Open “Settings“, then select “Twin App“.
  2. A list of Apps that you can clone will appear. Then choose WhatsApp.
  3. Now you will click on the “Install” button.
  4. After the installation finishes. Open secondary WhatsApp.
  5. Enter your “Secondary Phone Number“. Then adjust the settings.
  6. Now you have successfully cloned WhatsApp on Huawei.

How To Use Dual WhatsApp On iPhone

  1. Open Safari Browser.
  2. Visit iOS.Othman.tv.
  3. Click on “WhatsApp 2“, then click on the green link to download.
  4. You will be prompted to install the App. Click “OK“.
  5. After you finish, open the “Settings“. Then the “General Settings“.
  6. Click on the “Profile & Device Management“.
  7. Enable “Trust VNE Software“.
  8. And finally, open WhatsApp 2. Then adjust the settings.
  9. Now you have successfully got Dual WhatsApp iPhone.


Can I Have 3 WhatsApp Accounts On One Phone?

Yes, By using the multi-user feature, you can use more than 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. But you cannot use the same phone number.

Can I Merge 2 WhatsApp Accounts?

This is not possible. Because each phone number has a separate profile for each account you have.

Are Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Secure On Mobile Data?

Yes, use Dual WhatsApp Apk on your phone. Or more 2 WhatsApp accounts do not pose any damage to your phone data.